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     I think that one big issue is that many people no longer know how 
to discriminate between  fact  and belief.  It began with a CNN poll 
that asked viewers if they thought OJ was guilty. From then on, somehow 
people lost the ability to weigh evidence. Many have let their feelings 
guide their perceptions of reality. If  an issue it simply too scary, or 
too large to wrap their head around they simply slip into denial. So 
while our country is having a debate that makes no sense, the rest of 
the planet is working towards solutions - which may or may not 


Steve Mussman wrote:
> Ulf,  
>   Perhaps the problem is that the global warming debate
> has come to be directed by special interests that are more
> concerned about the potential impact that a clearly defined
> scientific consensus might have on their ability to manage, 
> manipulate and control the discussion. 
>   PC is really a matter of relative perspective. 
> In my surroundings a believer in anthropogenic climate change
> is held in contempt. No matter, what is lacking and much needed
> is the clear articulation of a scientific opinion on the issue.
> Scientists can either support their viewpoint under vigorous 
> peer review or not. Is everyone so sensitive that they tremble
> at the thought of having to transparently defend their beliefs?
>  Scientists have been vilified and demonized on both sides of this issue.
> That should not result in a submissive reaction that allows the debate
> to be directed by non-science based sources with (perhaps) devious intent. 
> Steve
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