[Coral-List] Scientists are not afraid to speak out!

Les Kaufman lesk at bu.edu
Wed Sep 22 19:17:03 EDT 2010

Re: Ulf Erlingsson's comment On Sep 21, 2010, at 6:48 AM, "Steve, after the experience many had in the global warming debate (being vilified or even demonized for having a different opinion) I think most scientists have learned by now that one cannot say things that are not PC, no matter how true or important they are..."

Ulf and everybody, scientists can and frequently do speak from the top of whatever hill of evidence that they wish, PC or no.  There may be consequences but the result does move society, even if the straightjackets of history and greed may force this movement to be with a  hobbled, stilting gait.  The so-called "Climategate" incident is an isolated case in a sea of examples where careful, clear language spoken by scientists on the climate issue have hit home and changed behavior.  That behavior happens not to have changed quickly enough to avoid a major rewrite of the biosphere is unfortunate, but not unexpected.  If it is quickly enough to stem the full magnitude of human suffering that will otherwise occur, then it is still not too late to have been of worth.


Les Kaufman
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