[Coral-List] Coral Reef Curmudgeons

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 24 06:47:06 EDT 2010

Dear Tom,

Great to see that you have such obvious concern for coral reef systems,
but you must come to understand that there are many perspectives on how
best to assure that these valuable ecosystems remain viable and healthy.
Focusing on issues like the fascinating topic of your dissertation can 
certainly contribute to that end, but it may be equally critical to ensure
that the information produced and the conclusions reached get effective exposure.
Otherwise there is little hope that changes will be enacted that can lead 
to the ultimate protection of  our coral reef systems.

You may BELIEVE that there is sufficient information to warrant concern
about climate change and it’s impact on coral reef systems, but that belief 
must somehow be projected  and transformed into effective policy change if
it is to make a difference and help us to veer off our current path.
My point is that there is more to it than just a narrow focus on the minutia 
involved in the hard science. Those involved in the Coral Curmudgeons discussion
are every bit as concerned about coral reefs as anyone on the list and their
passion reflects it. There seems to me to be adequate space for all and Jim Hendee
is more than capable of keeping the list sufficiently moderated.


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>I have read several of the Curmudgeons messages...the only time "coral" is mentioned is in the Subject Line????
>As this is "CORAL List" lets focus on corals...they need the help.
>BTW - my dissertation dealt with the climate change generated by the rising himalayas and rockies and their effects on the JetStream and the Monsoon/Meditterean Weather systems....yeah - I BELIEVE the available info is sufficient to warrant most and probably a lot more concerns for the Climate Changes and ocean circulation and what both/all will do to the already dessimated coral reef communities throughout the world ....
>LETS focus at least one word, one sentence, or one paragraph on corals or reefs..
>Thanks Jim

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