[Coral-List] Palau`s UN ambassador's error on parrotfish

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 25 13:59:12 EDT 2010

Concerns about the intrusion of philosophical debates on this list
are understood and the points well taken.
It has been suggested before that the more "philosophical" discussions
should consider moving to an alternate, more blog oriented site.

I only take issue with this because many of the best marine scientists
frequent Coral-List and most will likely avoid such an alternative site.
These are the very individuals that must be encouraged to more freely and
effectively communicate directly with the public, political institutions 
and with the media if we are ever going to bring about awareness and the
subsequent changes that are much needed to protect the world’s marine ecosystems.

Maybe one day we can get the UN (including Palau's ambassador)or the U.S. Congress
to hold a delegates meeting under water. Not for the purpose of drowning them,
but on scuba to enlighten them, as the Maldives “parliament” did not long ago
in an attempt to emphasize their prospects relating to climate change.

Please keep this in mind; these diatribes usually fade out quite quickly
and the emphasis on hard science will return, as it rightfully should.

Hopefully, there was no harm done and possibly, (just possibly), a little good 
may result from the short-lived agitation.  


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