[Coral-List] TNC Reef Resilience Project Manager Position Open

Mel Briscoe Mel at briscoe.com
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It is entirely possible to have a governmental/non-govermental
collaboration, and entirely legal, so calling it "collusion" is not quite

What matters is the form of the collaboration, and whether there is
governmental money flowing to the con-governmental organization. In some
cases, such as the research grants Gene is probably familiar with, the money
flows to the researcher and officially there is no hands-on relationship or
direction or micro-management or even a "deliverable." It is a best-effort,
take the money and run kind of situation. But there can also be a money flow
from the government in a "cooperative agreement," which is common with
mission agencies (e.g., NOAA) rather than funding agencies (e.g., NSF). In
this mode, it is really a partnership, with people from both sides sharing
work and information. It is more hands-on for the agencies and enables some
excellent collaborations. There are many kinds of financial agreements, the
grants and cooperative agreements are just two. "Collusion" and "illegal"
would be a very poor descriptor of these activities, not to mention naïve.

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This Job advertisement on the coral-list has me a little confused. 
TNC (The Nature Conservancy) is an NGO (non governmental 
organization). It has always been my understanding that NGO's operate 
pretty much like churches. Donations are tax deductible. This 
advertisement for a Reef Resilience Project Manager clearly states 
that it is to "provide technical and managerial support to the 
NOAA-TNC partnership." Partnership? I guess that means NOAA and this 
NGO will work hand in hand to address mutual goals which of course 
will ultimately be implemented and enforced by NOAA. I guess I just 
do not understand. I always thought that it was illegal to have such 
collusion between independent organizations and government 

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