[Coral-List] Three new publications on Marine Managed Areas

john tschirky john.tschirky at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 17:12:48 EDT 2010


I am pleased to announce the release of 3 new publications promoting
solutions to the global ocean crisis. Produced by the Science-to-Action
partnership, which includes more than 75 organizations led by Conservation
International’s Marine Management Area Science Program, the publications are
based on 5 years of natural and social science research in over 70 marine
managed areas in 23 tropical countries.

Drawing on the results of more than 50 studies, the Science-to-Action
partnership offers recommendations for successful implementation of marine
managed areas (MMAs) to maximize the benefits to people and nature. The
findings and recommendations are presented in 3 reader-friendly, richly
illustrated booklets:

• People and Oceans explores the role of people in marine managed areas,
including the human well-being benefits and challenges of MMAs, and how
socioeconomic conditions affect success.

• Living with the Sea examines the role of MMAs in restoring and sustaining
healthy oceans, particularly the importance of local management efforts.

• Marine Managed Areas: What, Why, and Where defines MMAs and discusses the
challenges of implementation.

I encourage you to use these booklets to advance discussions with government
agencies, non-government organizations, user groups, and other stakeholders
to influence better decisions for coastal and ocean resources and about how
and why to implement integrated management systems for the ocean.

These and other publications may be downloaded in pdf format at our new
website http://www.science2action.org. Please contact Septiana Rustandi at
s.rustandi at conservation.org if you would like printed copies of the
booklets. Figures and illustrations from the booklets are provided on the
website in jpeg format for use in presentations and documents. Additional
information on marine managed areas and the Science-to-Action global
learning network is also available at http://www.science2action.org.

The MMAS Program welcomes feedback on the utility of these documents.

With kind regards,
John J.Tschirky
Conservation International
Marine Managed Areas Science Program
2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500
Arlington, VA 22202  USA
office: 703 341 2628
email: j.tschirky at conservation.org

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