[Coral-List] Request for information on cruise line industry in coral reef areas

Rich Wilson rich at seatoneconsultants.com
Wed Sep 29 19:57:43 EDT 2010


I am conducting research on so called ‘small scale’ or ‘niche’  
cruiseline tourism in the Caribbean region, particularly as it affect  
coral reefs and coral reef destinations.. Specifically, I am looking  
to identify case studies, factual information, and anecdotal evidence  
on the following:

-Caribbean or other developing world countries and territories that  
have experienced cruise tourism with smaller ships that are sometimes  
described and marketed as producing “low volume, high yield”  
visitation to a destination.

-Social and environmental impacts to a destination, whether they be  
positive, negative or somewhere in between

-How destinations pre-planned (or did not pre-plan) for such  
development, and what lessons have been learned in the effective or  
ineffective management of this type of tourism development

-Demand for such tourism (i.e. the numbers of such visiting ships and  
passengers): has it met or exceeded expectations? Has it not met  
expectations? What is the outlook for the future?

-Any other information that could assist in the evaluation of this  
type of tourism development for a region.

I have heard that such development has occurred in places like St.  
Maarten and Barbados, but do not yet have information from those  
areas. I’m also not limiting my research interest to these regions, or  
even necessarily to the wider Caribbean.

Please email me directly – versus reposting on this listerver - if you  
have information or you could link me to people that have such  
information as listed above, particularly if they are government  
officials that have made decisions in their own region. I’m also  
interested to hear from protected area managers, civil society,  
tourism operators and local or international non-profit organizations.

Thank you,

Rich Wilson
Seatone Consultants

"Collaborative solutions for a sustainable future."

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