[Coral-List] Epoxy products for coral propagation, coral nurseries etc

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Hello ALL:

Federated States of Micronesia / Kosrae / Micronesia Marketing & Management 
Enterprises (MMME) has been successfully using Z-Spar 2 part epoxy for upwards 
of 5 years now.  They routinely export cultured corals to the EU.

This is a version of the same:


Don Baker

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Hi Verena

To keep your list of proven, safe-to-use and 'coral-safe' epoxy products 
and alternatives for coral propagation up to date, did you know that the 
NZ producers and distributors of Emerkit and similar products are now 
"Aimmex International".  According to their website, they have more 
economical / easy-to-use application packs and larger bulk packs, which 
replace the older 'two stick' packs.   The product is sold widely in 
Australia-NZ region and I believe there is a distributor / outlet in 
Singapore.   Details and product links are at www.emerkit.com


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