[Coral-List] Two Part Epoxy Glue

Don Baker reefpeace at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 1 22:45:49 EDT 2011


Having received email flake after my posting about Z-Spar epoxy Glue, I will 
further mention this herein.  I will not mention names or companies here 

Sorry if I may have stepped over the bounds of some operating coral farms as if 
I have just released a Big Secret.  

Butits no secret and  public knowledge on using Z Spar two part epoxy 
recommended by CTSA / University of Hawaii.  It's well documented in Simon 
Ellis's pub 147 that can be downloaded Free online.  

"Epoxy glue:

All the hard corals were attached to the appropriate substrates using an epoxy 
While Porites and Acropora will attach passively given time, the use of epoxy 
mass production of  corals at very little added expense. Prior to the start of 
in situ trials were conducted using a variety of commercially available two-part
epoxy glues. Glues were rated on working time, ease of use, cost per unit and 
well they held the fragment in place. The overall winner by far was a two part 
manufactured by Z-Spar called 788 Splash Zone Epoxy. The two parts are black and
mustard colored which when mixed form an unobtrusive olive color...."

Page 35/36 / CTSA Publication No. 147 / March 2002

Recent Advances in Lagoon-based Farming Practices for Eight Species of 
Commercially Valuable Hard and
Soft Corals - A Technical Report

Don Baker

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