[Coral-List] Timor-Leste

Lucas Corvacho lucascorvacho at yahoo.com.br
Thu Apr 7 20:37:08 EDT 2011

Would like to express my professional intention through this email. Would be great if you put in on the list. 

Hi there, how are you all?
Im Lucas Corvacho, from Brazil and currently I have been working at ARC-Centre of excellence fro Coral Reef Studies James Cook University - Australia.
My research is focused on collect datas about coastal management (Marine Protected Areas, fishery management and biodiversity). I am trying to see how Timor-Leste is going towards achieving the Coral Triangle Initiative Goal despite I dont have the National Plan of Action so far (would be awesome if someone had this document and forward me a copy). After that, I would like to analyse how the customary management has been done...but after.
I would like to ask if someone has information/documents about it, which includes laws, government reports, scientific papers, media releases. I have got quite a few publishes already in my data and I am keen to share with someone who needs... but I am still looking for some more.
Please get in contact with me (lucas.corvacho at jcu.edu.au) and we could better discuss about what I am doing, what sort of documents I got, what I am looking for and what you are looking for and how I could help you.
Working together we could achieve the right goals!
Many thanks for the support

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