[Coral-List] Wiley-Blackwell make Red List articles open access

Douglas Fenner douglasfenner at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 9 21:23:21 EDT 2011

The IUCN Red List is an international list of endangered and vulnerable 
species.  To read about the development of the criteria used to judge whether 
species are endangered or vulnerable or not, two articles on the basis for the 
criteria are now available.

Quoting the IUCN Species Survival Commission newsletter,

"Wiley-Blackwell, which publishes the journals Conservation Biology and
Conservation Letters, has very kindly made a number of articles on topics
relating directly to the IUCN Red List available free to access to all users.
This includes the seminal paper by Georgina Mace and Russ Lande on the
development of the Red List criteria (Cons. Biol. 5: 148-157) and the more
recent paper by Georgina Mace and colleagues on the history of the
development of the criteria (Cons. Biol. 22: 1424-1442)."

To download these articles free, go to

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Rising Seas Look Inevitable

It may be too late to stop the seas from eventually rising and flooding Earth's 
coastlines. Even if humans manage to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions 
completely by the year 2100, ocean warming set in motion by the end of this 
millennium could trigger the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and flood 
New York City, Hong Kong, and other coastal cities, a new study suggests.


(This simulation assumed emissions would continue to increase until 2100, and 
then be stopped completely.  If emissions are cut sooner the results would be 
less drastic, presumably.)

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