[Coral-List] growth rates for Caribbean Acropora and Porites species

Jason Krumholz jkrumholz at gso.uri.edu
Thu Apr 14 14:19:24 EDT 2011

Forwarding on behalf of some colleagues, perhaps someone on the list would
be kind enough to weigh in? 




A fellow student and I from Lawrence University are working on a project
comparing the growth rates of transplanted corals, specifically those on
artificial reefs, to corals on naturally occurring reefs in the Eastern
Caribbean.  We're having a tough time finding growth rates for the species
Acropora cervicornis, Acropora palmata, and especially Porites porites.  Any
information on linear extension rates for a variety of environments -
different depths, stressful conditions, etc. - would be extremely helpful.
We are most interested in comparing our results to growth rates of corals in
shallow, coastal environments.  Please send any thoughts or information you
might have to cumminka at lawrence.edu or anna.m.zuke at lawrence.edu.


Your help is greatly appreciated!


Thank you,

Katy Cummings and Anna Zuke



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