[Coral-List] Taking live coral polyp samples

MelissaE Keyes melissae.keyes at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 4 12:31:00 EDT 2011

Hello, Listers,
In my observations of corals in the last few years, I have seen corals recover from polyp death from innundation by sand moving in as a result of storms.  The smothered edges of colonies regrew without much trouble once the sand moved away.
I have also observed damage (from various causes) to polyps in the middle of colonies not repairing.  A wound becoming larger over time. 
Jess Jarett just wrote:  "I avoid sampling from the edges of colonies."
What is normal practice for taking samples??
Hmm, now I will have to go try to dig out photos, eh?
Melissa Keyes

Melissa E. Keyes
St. Croix, 
U.S.Virgin Islands

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