[Coral-List] Job vacancy Manager/Co-ordinator for the conservation and education programmes at Chumbe Island Coral Park, Tanzania

Lina Mtwana Nordlund linanordlund at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 12:37:34 EDT 2011

*Job vacancy*


*Manager/Co-ordinator for the *

*conservation and education programmes *

*at Chumbe Island Coral Park*


*Project description:*

Chumbe Island Coral Park, Ltd. (CHICOP), established in 1991 as a private
company with not-for-profit objectives, is a unique example of successful
MPA management through income generation from eco-tourism, supporting
conservation efforts for both marine and terrestrial ecosystems, park
management and the environmental education program. Chumbe is a small,
uninhabited coral island, southwest of Zanzibar town, Tanzania. The reef
sanctuary has been declared one of the most diverse and resilient in the
region, hosting 90% of East Africa’s coral species and 435 fish species. The
forest reserve possesses one of the last remaining healthy populations of
endangered Coconut crab (*Birgus latro*), the endangered Ader’s
duikers (*Cephalophus
adersi*) along with various species of endangered birds and rare coral rag
forest habitat.

*Job description: *

Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar (Tanzania) seeks a Conservation and
Education Manager/ Co-ordinator starting ideally 1st of November 2011. This
full-time position involves working on a local to international scale in the
areas of conservation and education. It is a key position within the company
and regular contact with government officials and extensive conservation
work is important to successfully manage and improve the MPA. The 2 year
contract is renewable. The position reports directly to the Project Manager..


*Key responsibilities:*

   -  To manage the marine park/coral reef and the protected coral rag
   forest on Chumbe Island in relation to conservation, research, monitoring
   and documentation, training of staff and outreach;
   -  To manage and develop the Island Ranger Department in co-operation
   with the Head Ranger and Rangers Team;
   - To oversee the Education Program Assistant organizing school trips and
   other education related activities on the island and in the Head Office;
   - To be responsible for any island based researchers
   - To oversee all CHICOP conservation/research/science-related activities,
   including monitoring of the reef and forest areas (e.g. reef and seagrass
   monitoring programmes, duiker monitoring, bleaching, COTs, rats and other
   invasive species etc);
   - To report on research and monitoring activities where required, both
   internally and externally;
   - To liaise with ministries of the government of Zanzibar, such as
   Ministry of Education and Ministry of Fishery development;
   - To interact with guests on the island, meet and greet, ensure needs are
   met and represent the management of Chumbe where required, and be a friendly
   - To design and implement outreach programmes to local communities;
   - To work closely with the Ministry of Education, Teacher Training
   Centres and Head Teachers regarding the planning and implementation of the
   Environmental Education Programme;
   - To communicate with the various international and national
   conservation/science organisations (WIOMSA, SEACAM, CORDIO etc.)
   - To plan and assist with educational trips to the island for
   international student groups;
   - To oversee and assist in the production of general EE Programme
   reports, funding applications, funding reports etc.

*Working hours:  *

Five working days / week. Usually 1-2 days per week on the island, 3-4 days
in the office.




   - Master degree in marine biology or related field with an interest in
   coral reefs and forestry
   - Experience in marine related issues and good knowledge of marine
   ecology and coral reef biology
   - Experience working in conservation related field in East Africa region
   is a great advantages
   - Have strong experience in snorkelling (and must be a strong swimmer);
   preferably also certified SCUBA diver
   - Research and monitoring skills
   - Experience in training others preferably in an African context
   - Experience in Education for Sustainable Development
   - Training in first aid and CPR
   - Fluent in written and spoken English is a must, and working knowledge
   of Kiswahili and more international languages are an advantage
   - Fully computer literate
   - Friendly and easy-going personality to interact with diverse guests
   - Adaptable and energetic, enjoys challenges and crisis management


   - Salary that allows comfortable living in Zanzibar
   - 1 free return flight provided for the duration of this contract (2
   - NPF contributions are covered as per Zanzibari law (10% of basic
   - Minimum contract length two years, renewable
   - Visas/permits covered
   - AAR Health insurance
   - Secure accommodation provided in the office
   - Lunch provided during working days in the office, and all food when on
   the island

*Application process:*

Please send a cover letter and up to date CV / Resume to
applications.chumbeisland at gmail.com<http://h/1f7ff3lc5a8t3/?v=b&cs=wh&to=applications.chumbeisland@gmail.com>
cc: linanordlund at gmail.com. Subject: Application Conservation and Education
Manager, by *Wednesday August 24th, 2011*. Please note: only those
applicants being considered for further interview will be contacted.

CHICOP is an equal opportunities employer. The mission statement for Chumbe
Island Coral Park is ‘*To manage, for conservation and educational purposes,
the Chumbe Island Reef Sanctuary and the Forest Reserve.  This is also
supported by eco-tourism activities which are directly related to the
non-consumptive uses of the natural resources’.*

For further information please see our website www.chumbeisland.com where
you can find our latest newsletter. Or take a preview of our new (not yet
launched) website http://chumbe.esealtd.com/home/ where the Conservation and
Education status report 2010 can be downloaded.

The Chumbe Team

Ms Lina Mtwana Nordlund

Conservation and Education Manager
Chumbe Island Coral Park
P.O. Box 3203 - Zanzibar, Tanzania
Phone/Fax: +255 (0)24 2231040
Mobile:      +255 (0)776 583442
Fax UK:     +44 (0)870 1341284

Ph.D. Student
Environmental and Marine Biology
Åbo Akademi University &
Aronia Coastal Zone Research Team
Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Everywhere"

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