[Coral-List] Economic Valuation and market based conservation

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Bill in answer to your question about fisherman in shark conservation areas;
take a look at Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji. Through the creation of a
shark diving operation, the local villages that surrendered the fishing area
were compensated with jobs at the dive operation as well as $20 fjd from
each person each dive. Each year the dive shop takes 2 interns from each
village and upon successful completion of the internship they are hired on.
The idea worked so well they were able to expand the shark reserve to
encompass up to 30 miles of Coast. The operators (all locals) also serve as
fish wardens and keep poachers off the reef.

While this is not possible at every marine reserve, it is at least a
promising story and shows that you can in fact estimate the value of sharks
to tourism without fisherman being "Fictitious employment in consultants'

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Agreed. Its part of the governance problem.
Shark conservation is worth plenty to tourism in principle but what do the
fishermen get in return for not catching the sharks?
Fictitious employment in consultants' proposals?
Ditto for marine protected areas.

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