[Coral-List] Technique for coral growth determination in the field (Juergen Herler)

juergen.herler at univie.ac.at juergen.herler at univie.ac.at
Thu Aug 18 04:37:32 EDT 2011

Dea list members!

I would like to draw your attention to a paper which we have recently published on the 
development of a (cheap) apparatus for the determination of buoyant weight of entire corals 
in the field (under water). It is more or less a combination of the techniques of Bak, Jokiel 
and Davies. It may be useful for all those people studying environmental effects on coral 
growth/calcification rates, etc.

You can find the paper here:


Dr. Juergen Herler
Faculty of Life Sciences
University of Vienna
Althanstraße 14/1090 Vienna
tel.: ++43/1/4277-54413
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