[Coral-List] positive impact for coral reefs

David K kestdvm at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 20 11:29:36 EDT 2011

Everyone is studying coral science, but it will have no impact, and the reefs 
will be gone in 50 years. They are 90% gone in the Caribbean already. 
What we need is to develop a strategy of getting a national spokesman 
and lobbying group to bring reef concerns to the fore front of peoples 
awareness. This was how we got rid of hair spray when the ozone was the 
issue. Energy issues have changed much of national strategy. Tree 
huggers saved the red wood forest. We have nothing like this in reef 
ecology. Developing a national and world wide strategy of putting the 
reef in the forefront of news is the only way we'll save them. Any 
meeting should have this issue at the top of it's agenda. This is 
urgent! I hope you all discuss this with colleagues and make something happen. If not, you can make a 1 career of studying reefs for the next 20 years, but why bother training others if there is no meaningful way to make an 
impact now. This is where the money should flow. Find a benefactor. Find a spokesman/woman. It's clear that the primary and probably only cause of reef failure are due to man's activity. Why not have some one concentrate on this issue as the primary issue for anyone wanting to see the reefs come back. 
Dr. Dave Kestenman

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