[Coral-List] Promethichtys: more deepwater fish records for the Dutch Caribbean islands

Debrot, Dolfi dolfi.debrot at wur.nl
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In 2001 I identified this species for the Dutch Caribbean based on a specimen caught by Curacao fishermen and the attached press release was placed in the local newspapers. 

I also documented a record for the Atlantic cutlassfish (Trichiurus lepturus) several records of the oilfish (Ruvettus pretiosus), and the deepwater Roughback batfish, Flathead searobin, and Conger triporiceps (all largely from deepwater snapper fishermen) for Curacao and Bonaire.

The species have wide distributional ranges but listings for the Dutch Caribbean (e.g. by FAO), have often been inferred and not based on actual records. Some species have local names given by island fishermen, indicating their familiarity with the species (e.g. Flathead searobin, Oilfish and Atl. cutlassfish)

Al Debrot 

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I also ID'd it tentatively (not in hand) as Promethicthys prometheus.   So either we are all great at ID'ing fishes from photographs, or we're all wrong.

Caught a larva one of these puppies in Jamaica many years ago nightl-ighting.  What a cutie.  Look how they grow up.  Just like people.


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> As I wrote to Mark some days ago, the fish looks like *Promethichthys
> prometeus* also a Gempylidae species as *Ruvettus pretiosus*.
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