[Coral-List] Economic Valuation and market based conservation

Wang Fei fei.wang at zmt-bremen.de
Tue Aug 23 06:17:03 EDT 2011

hallo all ,
 this is my first time to actually checkup coral-list and i would like 
to say somthing as well.......  After reading posts from Dr. Fenner and 
Dr. Shinn(Gene?), i deeply feel that interdiciplinary study should be 
carried out and also realistic (management) is not as i may image by 
sitting in office and try to figure out how to estimate a optimal 
sustainable usage level for Dive tourism in coral reef area via 
different comupter simulations.....

As a Chinese(i know we massed up with our  environment..... :-( ) 
However, there is an old chinese saging "people think about good manners 
when they have enough to eat; People think about moral when they have a 
good life to live." My feeling from working as a tour guide or as a 
ecology student is that go to costal small villiges, Locals do have 
really strong environrmental awareness because that it is their 
sustainability rather anyone else's. But as Fenner said"i would not stop 
a fishman who can  hardly feed his family, not to take fish.....", 
personally, i dream about a way which can make locals life better 
without damaging environment ( or let them have no need to damage the 
environment), then the sustainability maybe be achieved. Is  eco-tourism 
or sustainable Tourism a solution? Subsidies? MPAs?     i do not 
know.... that is what i try to figure out in my Phd time.

Wang Fei

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