[Coral-List] Coral Sea Reefs and Seamounts

Clive Wilkinson clive.wilkinson at rrrc.org.au
Tue Aug 23 21:46:22 EDT 2011

This is a repeat call for papers on the Coral Sea Reefs and Seamounts. 

Do you have research or review information on the Coral Sea?

We have some offers but the invitation is open for more.
We invite submissions for Mini-Symposium 18E 'The future of the Coral
Sea reefs and seamounts' at the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium
in Cairns 9-13 July 2011.
This session will cover all aspects of the Coral Sea including geology,
oceanography, climate change and meteorology, biological connectivity,
biodiversity including endangered species, current resource use,
including tourism and fisheries, and predictions for the future.
Please contact either Eric Clua at SPC in Noumea (ericc at spc.int) 
or Clive Wilkinson at RRRC in Townsville (clive.wilkinson at rrrc.org.au)
with your suggestions for the session including intended contributions.

Submissions should also be sent to www.isrs2012.com/abstracts
Best wishes
Eric and Clive


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