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OneNOAA Science Seminars, Week of August 29, 2011

Please join us for upcoming OneNOAA Science Seminars 
<http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/seminars/index.html>; a joint effort to share 
science and management information across NOAA. For questions about the 
OneNOAA science seminar series or to present a seminar please contact 
Hernan.Garcia at noaa.gov 
<mailto:Hernan.Garcia at noaa.gov?subject=OneNOAA%20Science%20Seminars> or 
a OneNOAA science seminar partner 
<http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/seminars/about_seminars.html>.  Click on the 
seminar titles (links) to access details (location, time, remote access, 
etc) or visit http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/seminars/ for updated information.

Seminars are open to anyone. Please share this seminar announcement with 
all of your colleagues.

*August 2011*

Aug 30: A Sustainable Idea: Virginia Sea Grant's Seafood Education for 
the Culinary Community 

*September 2011*

Sep 01: Land Surface Temperature Calibration and Validation 

Sep 01: Coastal and Island Watershed Management Tools and Initiatives: 
An Update from the Center for Watershed Protection 

Sep 07: It's time to Share: NOAA's New Data Sharing Policy 

Sep 07: Community Resilience, Part I: Assessing Vulnerabilities Using 
the Roadmap for Adapting to Coastal Risk 

Sep 08: Bioacoustic Absorption Spectroscopy 

Sep 08: Teachers, Students and Communities: Helping to Protect the 
Ocean, One School at a Time 

Sep 08: State of Readiness: Office Coast Survey's Navigation Response 
Teams Stand Ready to Serve 

Sep 13: Application of the National Historic Preservation Act Outside 
the U.S. 

Sep 13: Recent Advances in Data Assimilation with the Local Ensemble 
Transform Kalman Filter 

Sep 21: NESDIS Satellite Operations and Plans (Tentatitve Title) 

Sep 22: NOAA Ocean Acidification Program (Tentatitve Title) 

Sep 22: Modeling Ecosystem Service Values of Wetlands in Delaware: an 
Application of the InVEST Model 

*October 2011*

Oct 01: National Air Quality Forecasting Capability (NAQFC) 03 
Predictions over Remote Sensing-derived Physical and Chemical Regimes 

Oct 05: Community Resilience, Part II: Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Case 

Oct 12: The Habitat Assessment Program in the National Marine Fisheries 
Service <http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/seminars/2011/10-oct.html#oct122011_Brown>

Oct 19: Ionospheric Data Assimilation 

I welcome any comments that you may have about the OneNOAA Science 
seminar series.


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    For questions about the OneNOAA science seminar series or to present
    a seminar please contact Hernan.Garcia at noaa.gov
    <mailto:Hernan.Garcia at noaa.gov?subject=OneNOAA%20Science%20Seminars>
    or a seminar partner
 2. Online OneNOAA web access: http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/seminars/
 3. Archive of previous OneNOAA science discussion seminars (by calendar
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