[Coral-List] Sustainable Tourism!?

Wang Fei fei.wang at zmt-bremen.de
Fri Dec 2 12:21:50 EST 2011

  Hallo Lister:

``Needed is an internationally recognized indicator/certification system, similar to the 5 star status system of hotels, to enable consumers of coral reef destinations to make informed choices``

i agree 100 percent, But ! i am staying on a small dive island called Koh Tao in the gulf of Thailand at the moment. The plan of my phd study or this visit is too see whether ppl do have the preference towards eco-labeled dive schools and if there is a difference between eco-dive school divers to non.

i realize it is easy to say and image rather than apply and control. For example, the powerful family or person may control alot local business.... their business  may get green washed, but really grean?

i do not say it is unrealistic to achieve this, i just wanna know about how and how long many this take, if it is faster then the coral's degradation rate.... just show corals around yesterday, it was horrible here already. maybe i should google the establish history of 5 star hotel system.

by the way, if you are on Koh Tao or you know someone is working on Koh tao, please contact me! fei.wang at zmt-bremen.de

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