[Coral-List] Seagrass-Watch Magazine - Issue 44 -NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE.

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Fri Dec 2 19:31:25 EST 2011

The latest issue of Seagrass-Watch news (the official magazine of the global
seagrass and assessment program) is now available online at
http://www.seagrasswatch.org/magazine.html . Both low and high resolution
versions of the magazine are available. Please note that the high resolution
version is 21Mb.

Seagrass meadows are being lost globally at unprecedented rates. Yet what we
know about the consequences of this loss and its relationship with
charismatic megafauna such as Sea Turtles is surprisingly limited. In this
issue recent research is discussed that has sought to provide further
understanding to the inter-relationship of Sea Turtles with seagrass.

The loss of seagrass in the Great Barrier Reef region due to cyclones and
flooding has had evident impacts upon Sea Turtles. This issue describes the
efforts of many volunteers and scientists to help save these turtles and how
turtles undergo dietary shifts throughout their development that may help
them survive this loss.

Discussed are studies from Indonesia and the Bermuda that document how it's
not just a 'bottom-up' process of seagrass providing feed for turtles, but
that seagrass abundance and resilience may also be driven by the 'top-down'
effects of sea turtles feeding.

In this issue you can also catch up with seagrass monitoring in the Turks
and Caicos Islands, understand about the illegal trade of Sea Turtles in
Bangladesh, and learn about seagrass conservation efforts on the west coast
of Thailand.

Happy Reading

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