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Wed Dec 21 20:20:41 EST 2011

Dear David,

A last point that I forgot to reply. You say that after our MAJOR event, the new evolving creatures will be thankful to us to have  "clean up the place", I guess something like the dinosaurs and mammalians, isn't it ?
No no no no, first I don't want that for the girls and sons of my son, etc. 
Second, not sure a new evolution will give as our shelf (even, if there will be possibility, in prep.).
Third, what do you want more than us, conscious, able to understand the Universe ? Happyness will be alway the same in complex auto organized system.
Fourth, if so, begin by yourself, and let us make.

All the best, really,

Dr. Martin Pêcheux
    IPCC 2007, 2013
Institut des Foraminifères Symbiotiques
16, rue de la Fontaine de l'Espérance, 92160 Antony, France
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If we take good measures NOW, it will be like the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Event *, warming and some faunal changes, if we do nothing, it will be like the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, end of dinosaurs and many others, and if we still do nothing, it will be like the Permo-Trias, 95% species cut, and an almost devoid Earth.
* rather sure that it will already be overtake. It was about +4°C, but rise on 10-20 000 years.

There is no English translation of the the word "fête", "fiesta" !! Ich weiss nicht mehr im Schweitzer Dutsch. English and Americans don't know faire la fête. They have a great time, or they live it up !

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