[Coral-List] Gardens of the Queen

Rudy Bonn rudy_bonn at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 12:52:49 EST 2011

I think we should all be grateful for the piece that Anderson Cooper did on the Cuban reefs, I was not to thrilled to see them coming into physical contact with the corals however, but, since it aired I have had countless people come up to me and say, "Rudy did you see that piece on 60 minutes about coral reefs, it was awesome!"  So, it did do pretty good job, I think, in terms of raising   awareness in a lot of people's minds about the plight of coral reef ecosystems.  So, for that I applaud the piece, but some the team members need to learn better buoyancy control!  Raising awareness is crucial to the survival of coral reefs.  

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