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John Ware jware at erols.com
Fri Dec 30 06:55:53 EST 2011

Dear List:

I hope you all recall the considerable controversy on this list that 
surrounded the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium (scheduled for 
2012 in Cairns).  The major topic of the controversy was what many 
regarded as excessively high registrations fees.  Because of the high 
fees, it was felt that many researchers from less developed countries 
would be unable to attend.  At that time it appeared that some people 
might even boycott the 12th.

I was quite surprised when I received the following missive (slightly 
edited) from the Secretariat.  (I received it about 2 months ago, but I 
kept waiting for somebody else to bring this up.)

"We have had an amazing response to our Call for Abstracts with over 
2,200 now submitted.   ...

Because of the scale of the response over the weekend we have revisited 
our draft programme to maximise the number of talks that can be 
accommodated over the five days. We will start earlier, finish later and 
have a shorter lunch than we had originally planned.

By all indications the final number of delegates is going to be quite 
large and so we have hired an adjoining venue that can seat an 
additional 1,000 delegates. This will allow us to have more concurrent 
sessions and accommodate more oral presentations. This venue is across 
the road from the Cairns Convention Centre."

So, despite all the ranting and raving, things go on as usual.

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