[Coral-List] Non-parametric Nested ANOVAs

Xavier Turon xturon at ceab.csic.es
Tue Feb 1 07:32:07 EST 2011

Dear Roxanna

A good alternative when the models are complex is to use standard 
parametric analyses, but on rank-transformed data

See Potvin & Roff 1993 Ecology 73(5): 1606-1619

Good luck


Roxanna Miller escribió:
> Dear Coral-List,
> I'm writing to see if anyone knows of a non-parametric equivalent to both
> 1-way and 2-way nested ANOVAs.  If you have any information, or can point me
> in the direction of someone who has information, that would be much
> appreciated!  Thank you!
> Roxanna Miller


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