[Coral-List] PhD Opportunity, Glasgow, UK

Ashworth, Jen (NE) jen.ashworth at naturalengland.org.uk
Thu Feb 10 06:44:44 EST 2011

PhD Opportunity: Reconstructing Ocean Acidification and its Impacts at
High Resolution
University: School of Geographical & Earth Sciences, University of
Glasgow, UK
PhD Supervisors: Dr Nick Kamenos (nick.kamenos at glasgow.ac.uk) & Prof.
Maggie Cusack (maggie.cusack at glasgow.ac.uk )
Atmospheric CO2 increases since industrialisation have led to a 0.09
unit drop in the pH of surface oceans - a process known as ocean
acidification (OA). Continued anthropogenic CO2 emissions throughout the
21st century are projected to cause ocean pH to drop by 0.3 - 0.5 units.
There are great concerns that projected OA will have detrimental effects
on marine organisms and the resources they supply. Biogenic calcium
carbonate is abundant in the marine environment where many marine
invertebrates produce calcium carbonate structures. This research will
calibrate marine calcifying organisms that are robust to OA as pH
proxies and use them to reconstruct palaeo-pH at high resolution.
Changes in pH will also be compared to changes in marine productivity. 
This study will involve laboratory and mesocosm studies, biogeochemical
analyses as well as some field work using SCUBA (not compulsory). The
student will be based in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
at the University of Glasgow.
Funding is available for UK & EU students and possibly exceptional
international students. For eligibility information contact the
supervisors supplying a current CV before applying. For application
information view the School's website
<http://web2.ges.gla.ac.uk/%7Emlee/GES%202010%20studentships>  ) and
apply via the website of the University of Glasgow, College of Science
and Engineering
Application Deadline: 28 February, 2011.

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