[Coral-List] Support to Alan Friedlander

Paolo usseglio usseglio at hawaii.edu
Thu Feb 17 16:57:04 EST 2011

Appreciated colleagues:

In past months difficulties between University administrators and one of 
our scientist colleagues has resulted in the almost closure of the 
Hawai'i Fisheries Cooperative Unit. The root of these difficulties stem 
from a complaint by a single University staff describing Dr. Alan 
Friedlander as someone who creates a hostile working environment.This 
judgment can lead to the Hawai'i Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit to 
be closed down precluding any further research.Those of us who have 
worked alongside Alan know that these kinds of accusations are 
preposterous, however the administrators are adamant on basing their 
positions on this unique complaint.I am therefore asking anyone who has 
worked alongside Alan in the past to contact me and send a brief 
description of your impressions about working with Alan. I plan to 
compile all the responses as a proof of character to be presented to the 
administrators.We have all experienced the frustration that comes with 
having to deal with administrator bureaucracy that can get in the way of 
research and can empathize with this situation.A few minutes of your 
time in witting a short paragraph will go a long way with clearing this 
misjudgment of character.


Paolo Usseglio
usseglio at hawaii.edu

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