[Coral-List] Low impact coral sampling techniques

Mary Alice Coffroth coffroth at buffalo.edu
Sat Feb 19 10:47:46 EST 2011

Hi Group,
     I am writing to get some feedback on coral sampling techniques 
(i.e. those that might reduce impact especially in protected areas).  If 
you have sampled corals using the "syringe technique" (See Kemp et al 
2007-Coral Reefs and Correa et al 2009, Coral Reefs) - could you please 
let me know the species you've used the syringe biopsy method on, and 
what analysis/tests have been performed successfully on the captured 
tissue/material?  RNA? DNA? zoox or something else.  Please reply 
directly to me.

Thanks so much!
Mary Alice

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