[Coral-List] Subject: Unknown morphological variation in Caribbean

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We noticed this as well in the thousands of lionfish we sampled as part of
our monthly lionfish tournaments from May through Nov 2010.  We recorded the
presence or absence of "eyestalks", and noted that the eyestalks were absent
on larger specimens.  When cleaning larger lionfish we also noted that
"sharp horns" seem to replace the fleshy eyestalks.  These eyestalks also
have difference characteristics/coloration patterns.  Can one the lionfish
experts shed light on the different physical characteristics of young and
old and if these difference can be used in species ID?


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Subject: [Coral-List] Unknown morphological variation in Caribbean


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  Dear all 


Lionfish found on Curacao seem to come in two morphs: one has a "horn"
immediately above its eyes whereas the other morph lacks this
characteristic. Carmabi would welcome any insights in this matter and
wonders if the different morphologies correspond to the Pterois volitans and
P. miles phenotypes.

  Any suggestions and insights are welcomed: m.vermeij at carmabi.org This
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to view it

  Click on the link (on the left)  for pictures that illustrate the
morphological differences on the website of Carmabi's research station
website: http://www.researchstationcarmabi.org/


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