[Coral-List] Information request for emergency sludge treatment in coastal areas

Virginie Fruh fruh.virginie at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 00:46:55 EST 2011

Dear coral-list,

We are currently in Palawan, Philippines, where a local tourist spot has
boomed with tourists and locals coming to find work:

Unfortunately, the area is not prepared for this, and we believe there is a
state of emergency here for there is no sewage treatment what so ever: The
waste water goes straight into the sea. You can imagine the drastic effect
on the coral reefs. Palawan is rich in biodiversity, and it would b e shame
to let such a problem destroy the local environment.  We are discussing
issues with the local government, and they are putting together a plan for
the building of a sewage treatment plant. I was just wondering if any of you
know people in the field who can advise us on emergency procedures which are
possible to apply to the sludge on the beach NOW without harming the
environment further. The local community is ready to fold up its sleeves and
work together on I am sure there are solutions out there, so please help
guide me to people who may have them!

Thank you all for your time

ekolibrium association
encouraging and gathering ecological research
El Nido, Palawan

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