[Coral-List] Announcement - 2011 Assoc. Mar. Labs of the Caribbean Conference

Paul Sammarco psammarco at lumcon.edu
Wed Jan 19 17:06:47 EST 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


It is my pleasure to announce that the 35th Scientific Conference of the
Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC) will be held May
23-27, 2011 at the Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología
(CIMAR), Universidad de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.  These conferences
are held biennially and are attended by scientists, managers, government
representatives, and students from around the world whose interests are
focused on marine science, marine resources, resource management, and
related issues in the greater Caribbean region.


In this meeting, we seek to initiate and facilitate the expansion of
regional and interdisciplinary collaborations throughout the Caribbean.  We
welcome submissions relating to marine science in the Greater Caribbean
region, including coral reef ecology, pelagic fisheries, sea turtles,
oceanography, climate change, and other related topics.


Contributions in any area of marine science are welcomed.  Contributions to
the following topics, however, are encouraged:


..               Ecology/Biology - including behavior, reproduction,
diseases, invasive organisms, food web dynamics, reef resilience, deep coral
reefs, species inventories, range extensions, and habitat mapping.


..               Sea Turtle Ecology and Conservation - including genetics,
tagging and tracking strategies, and resource management issues.


..               Coral Diseases - including disease dynamics, effects on reef
ecosystems, effects on reef populations and communities, pathogens, toxins,
vectors, relationship with nutrients and anthropogenic effects, and coral
resistance and immunity to disease.


..               Connectivity - including habitat linkages between coral
reefs, sea grasses, mangroves and other ecosystems, larval dispersal,
settlement, recruitment, spawning aggregations, and land-sea interactions.


..               Global and Regional Issues - including global warming,
regional patterns of coral bleaching and disease/syndrome manifestations,
physical oceanography, remote sensing, natural disturbances, pollution, and


..               Resource Management - including MPAs, ecosystem approaches
to coastal management, fisheries, aquaculture, conservation, monitoring and
assessment, social economics, and public awareness.


..               Oceanography - including physical, biological, chemical, and
geological oceanography; chemistry, geology, fluid dynamics, and air-sea


Other topics will also be considered, subject to time limitations.  Please
take note of the deadlines for abstract submissions, early and late
registration, and hotel reservations.


Dates and Fees 


..               Through 15 April 2011 


-              Student Member USD                          USD$130 

-              Regular Member USD                                    $330 

-              Official Institutional Representative†      $280 


..               From 16 April 2011 to 23 May 2011 


-              Student Member USD                                   $160 

-              Regular Member USD                                    $370 

-              Official Institutional Representative†      $320 


..               Abstract Deadline - 31 March 2011


(†This rate only applies to individuals officially designated by their
institution as the voting representative to the AMLC Executive Board.) 


To register and obtain information about abstract submission, travel,
hotels, the meeting, and associated workshops, please visit – 




I look forward to seeing you there for a great meeting!





Paul W. Sammarco, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC)



Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON)

Chauvin, Louisiana




Tel:                1-985-851-2876

FAX:              1-985-851-2874

Email:           psammarco at lumcon.edu

Website:     www.lumcon.edu







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