[Coral-List] Mercury pollution info request and ICRS 2012

Abigail Moore abigail2105 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 21:10:10 EST 2011

Dear friends and colleagues

Firstly, I have a request for papers or information regarding the management (prevention, remediation etc) of mercury pollution in the coastal/near shore marine environment (which here anyway generally means coral reefs), especially pollution arising from small-scale low-tech gold mining. After several days of on-line search have found a vast number of references on the internet regarding the detection, levels and effects of such pollution (and downloaded what looked like the best of the reputable-looking free papers). But I have found hardly anything on what to do about it from an environmental perspective, especially the marine environment. I have found papers on how the miners themselves can be at less risk.

In the immediate term I have to write an article on this subject (in Indonesian) which has to be completed before the 27th. But in the longer term we really do have this problem right in our town (Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia) and like may residents I find it a matter of great concern.

I do not have access to any of the journals which require subscriptions and have a very limited internet connection. I would be incredibly grateful for any info sent direct (downloading attached pdfs etc is possible if often slow). Anything in time for use in the article will be doubly welcome!

Regarding the ICRS 2012 plenary programme, I have to say I think it looks fascinating... well done, committee! I just hope I and maybe some of my colleagues can get there somehow! I am sure subjects not covered in the plenaries will be there in the parallel sessions... At such events the problem for me is usually not which do I want to attend but which can I not bear to miss - there is just so much to learn, one conference (or even one lifetime) is not enough... and afterwards, there is the much bigger challenge of trying to follow-up and use the new insights in our own back-yard.

A belated happy new year to all listers, may 2011 be a year in which there are many positive advances and sources of hope for the coral reefs we all love and which are so threatened!

Best regards


Abigail Moore
Marine Consultant (volunteer0
LP3L Talinti
Palu, central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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