[Coral-List] Mutton snapper eating lionfish in Roatan

Ken Marks data at agrra.org
Mon Jan 24 13:34:31 EST 2011

Maybe members of this list can help.

Several years ago I found a website that had the results of an analysis 
of the toxin present in lionfish. As I recall it was a mixture of 
acetylcholine and several neuromuscular toxins. I remember reading that 
while trying to analyze the make-up of the venom that very fresh samples 
needed to be used (from life fish) as stored specimens seemed to break 
down quite rapidly. I wonder if anybody can locate any articles on the 
analysis of lionfish toxins and give an idea of how quickly they 
degenerate to compounds that are no longer dangerous to divers and 
potential predators alike.

Thanks in advance.

Ken Marks
AGRRA Data Manager

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