[Coral-List] Fall 2011 Competition for Climate Change Fellowship Open Now

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   Subject: Fall 2011 Competition for Climate Change Fellowship Open Now
   Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 17:25:43 +0000

              [3]Climate Change Professional Fellows Program 

                   English Below. Español a Continuación.
 Interested in becoming a more effective climate change professional? Apply
       for the Fall 2011 Climate Change Professional Fellows Program!
   LASPAU is pleased to announce the Fall 2011 Climate Change Professional
 Fellows Program sponsored by the Office of Citizen Exchanges of the United
 States Department of State. The program aims to strengthen the professional
capabilities of Central American Fellows from Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala,
  or Honduras by offering U.S. based internships, intended to enhance their
 skills to effect positive change in communities and ecosystems impacted by
                              climate change.
  For more information and eligibility requirements, visit the [4]Program’s
   The selected Fellows will be expected to come to the United States in
                              October of 2011.
 If you would like to help us to spread the word about this program at your
     institution, you can download promotional flyers in [5]English and
Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2010. Please contact Judith
     Adler at LASPAU with any questions at [7]judith_adler at harvard.edu.
                             Estimado/a colega:
 ¿Quisiera ser más eficaz como profesional del cambio climático? Solicite al
           Programa Profesional de Pasantías en Cambio Climático!
 LASPAU se complace en anunciar la apertura de la convocatoria del Programa
 Profesional de Pasantías en Cambio Climático del otoño del 2011, auspiciado
  por Office of Citizen Exchanges del Departamento de Estado de los Estados
     Unidos. Este programa tiene como objetivo fortalecer las destrezas
profesionales de beneficiarios de Belice, Costa Rica, Guatemala, u Honduras;
  a través de pasantías (con sede en los Estados Unidos), para producir un
  cambio positivo en las comunidades y ecosistemas afectados por el cambio
 Para más información sobre este programa y los requisitos de elegibilidad,
                       visite la página del programa.
 Si desea promover este programa en su institución, puede descargar material
          promocional (formato pdf) en [8]inglés y en [9]español.
  Las solicitudes serán aceptadas hasta el 15 de febrero de 2011. Cualquier
 duda o pregunta que tenga en relación a este programa, favor de comunicarse
 vía correo electrónico con Judith Adler (LASPAU) a la siguiente dirección,
                       [10]judith_adler at harvard.edu.

 [11]Department Of State This program is supported by a grant from the U.S.
 Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of
Citizen Exchanges. LASPAU is administering the program in collaboration with
             and on behalf of the Office of Citizen Exchanges.

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