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Agreed ! However, why we continue to repeat  the myth of 'lion-fish escape
from aquaria,' while refraining from mention of the flow of lionfish egg
masses or larvae out-fall of a public aquarium to a site which just happens
to be a port for hundreds of cruise-ships pumping in ballast water. It's too
late now to prevent the initial massive *introduction* of larvae but me
wonders if that source has even been stopped ?

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 2:55 PM, Rudy Bonn <rudy_bonn at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  A lot of issues seem to be involved with this so-called, "invasion" which
> is a term that I find disconcerting.  The lionfish did not invade our
> waters, they were introduced by humans who apparently lacked the common
> sense to realize what the possible consequences could be.  I know also that
> some folks claim that the initial release was brought about as the result of
> Hurricane Andrew destroying a private aquarium containing lionfish--
> anectodal information too, I might add.  The fact is, as many of you have
> pointed out, is that the lionfish are here to stay, and we can only hope
> that nature will adapt, she has a pretty damn good record of doing so!  This
> also underscores the need for education and outreach programs aimed at
> people who buy exotic pets; something that requires more regulation, but I
> doubt that this would do much good as long as their is money to made by
> someone!  It is a sad fact Jim, and I agree with you 100 percent, perhaps
> some day we
>  will recognize the consequences of our actions, until that occurs, we will
> continue to experience these types of behaviors from humans, and we will
> continue to upset nature's balance that was in pretty good shape until we
> came along!
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