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Thu Jan 27 12:00:11 EST 2011

HI Melissa,

Do you know where you read this? I recall a recent discussion thread about
lionfish and ciguatera, I don't remember if it was on this list or on the
GCFI list, where nobody could provide any data or reports of ciguatera from
lionfish, and in fact I believe it was assumed that they simply don't grow
large enough for them to accumulate sufficient ciguatoxin to be of concern.
Large groupers, snappers or barracuda's that are notorious for ciguatera in
affected regions reach a much bigger body mass over a long period of time,
allowing for a much larger build-up of toxin.

Does anyone actually know what the lifespan of lionfish is? Do they keep
growing as they get older, and what kills them in the end? Or are we indeed
liable to see 1 m lionfish if they get old enough from lack of natural
enemies in the Caribbean?


On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 10:35 AM, MelissaE Keyes
<melissae.keyes at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Hello, Listers,
> Not to drag on forever this Lionfish discussion, but they are an apex
> preditor,
> and have the ability to carry the ciguatera poison.  I read recently that
> of ten
> fish tested, six were 'infested' with ciguatera.  So much for them being a
> human
> food source. :(
> "Cheers",
> Melissa
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