[Coral-List] epoxy feedback revealed

Martina Milanese m.milanese at dipteris.unige.it
Fri Jan 28 09:30:16 EST 2011

Hi all,

following my enquiry concerning non-toxic u/w epoxy I have received 
several e-mails providing very good advice. I also have been asked to 
share this info with the list, as you may also be interested.
Therefore, and with no aim to promote either of these products, let me 
summarise the feedback I got.

Three-four products have been basically recommended by researchers. To 
me they seem pretty alike so you might decide on the basis of local 

- if you are in the States (or have good shipping rules with them) you 
may go for z-spar splash zone expoxy. It is a two-component product 
that lasts one hour since you prepare it. According to the responses I 
got, it has been widely used both in the intertidal and underwater 
proper, to fix animals, stones and so on. Most US researchers seem to 
use it,with no apparent problems with toxicity.

- Again in the States, All Fix epoxy si again a 2-part epoxy that has 
been used in field experiments.

As for Europe:

- in Italy they use another expoy called "sub coat" by Veneziani. Same 
as above.
- in Spain: two-component putty of the Ivegor brand.

Finally, more than one person wrote me to use normal epoxy you´d use 
for boats or car bumps.

Hope it helps!

(thank you for your precious advice)


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