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The linked story says "According to NOAA, no conclusive study has ever been
performed in regards to the Lionfish and Ciguatera" which would appear to be
in conflict with the implication of the posting. 

What is the evidence for ciguatera? Is it just this one study cited in the
link, or is it a "fact?"

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Dear coral listers,

>From my field experience working with lionfish, I would say cannibalism is 
pretty unlikely to happen. I have had multiple lionfish of different sizes
large fish cages and never saw lionfish attacking each other.  In fact, they

seem to like to hang around in groups in the reef.

The ciguatera news are bad but not surprising.  However, other large
fish carry ciguatera too and that did not stop us from fishing them.  Look
the recommendations by NOAA on this matter: 


Finally, although I love the idea of calling them the "stripped grouper" to 
encourage people to eat them, they taste so good that people that have tried

them seem to love them (even knowing they are lionfish). See the response of

Bahamians after eating lionfish for the first time (outreach video we have
in the Bahamas to encourage people to catch them and eat them!): 


(Lionfish Invasion, part 3 ~minute 11).

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Hello, Listers,

Not to drag on forever this Lionfish discussion, but they are an apex
and have the ability to carry the ciguatera poison.  I read recently that of

fish tested, six were 'infested' with ciguatera.  So much for them being a

food source. :(


Melissa E. Keyes
St. Croix, 
U.S.Virgin Islands
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