[Coral-List] Lionfish introduction/invasion

Rudy Bonn rudy_bonn at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 07:58:58 EST 2011

I certainly understand the concern that all of us concerning the high probability that lionfish will alter the balance of marine ecosystems in areas where they have been introduced and subsequently invaded.  But, it seems a bit ironic to me that everyone has failed to mention the fact that the most destructive invader in the history of this planet is in fact us--Home sapiens.  In a short time frame, what 15,000 years or so, we have managed to compromise our planet in ways that could some day lead to our own extinction, we are responsible for this, just like we are responsible for the lionfish, the pythons, the Caulerpa, ad infinitum.  Maybe if we begin to learn something about our own actions and their subsequent effects on natural ecosystems we can turn all this around, if its not too late already, and just think about what we are leaving to future generations that are going to have to deal with all these problems that we, as a species, have caused!  I
 wonder what our epitaph will be, "Here lies a species that unfortunately destroyed its own home and itself along the way"  I pray that this will not be the case!
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