[Coral-List] Protected Area Management at ICRS 2012

Duncan MacRae solutions at cozm.co.uk
Fri Jul 1 05:23:25 EDT 2011

We would like to invite abstract submissions for inclusion in the  
‘Evaluating Protected Area Management Success’(18a) mini-symposium at  
the International Coral Reef Symposium in Cairns, July 2012 (further  
details below).

Please send any submissions through the ICRS website, direct any  
questions to Duncan MacRae at solutions at cozm.co.uk

The call for abstracts closes on 1st October 2011.

Best regards,

Duncan and Kalli

Mini-symposium information

Theme: Management and Monitoring
Title: Evaluating management success (18A).

Abstract: Whilst several evaluation tools have been developed and  
there has been over a decade of discussion about management  
effectiveness, a definition of what constitutes management success and  
how to define this has remained elusive.
In the Caribbean, one regional network, the Dutch Caribbean Nature  
Alliance has been collecting detailed information on park management  
for six years, including the context within which the park operates,  
the issues and threats to the park as well as the operational  
management. This information has been used in management planning,  
identifying training needs and information gaps, reporting to funders,  
developing outreach materials and a range of other applications.

Using this and other examples from around the world this mini  
symposium aims to identify what constitutes management success and to  
develop criteria for evaluating measures of success, which are  
relevant to a wide array of marine protected area management regimes  
around the world.

Some of the key questions will be;
Are there base lines of capacity that are required to operate  
protected areas?
What constitutes successful protected area management?
Which criteria can be used to objectively assess management success?
Which criteria can be used to signify active protected area management?

Please send your submission through the ICRS website:


Chair: Duncan MacRae (Director, Coastal Zone Management (UK))
Co-Chair: Kalli De Meyer (Executive Director, Dutch Caribbean Nature  
The call for abstracts for all mini-symposia is open from July 1 –  
October 1 2011.

ICRS 2012 - 9-13 July 2012 - Cairns - QLD - Australia.

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