[Coral-List] 12ICRS call for abstracts - Refuges for Corals in Time and Space

Marilyn Brandt mbrandt at uvi.edu
Fri Jul 1 14:04:20 EDT 2011

Dear colleagues,
We invite submissions of abstracts for inclusion in the mini-symposium
"Refuges for Corals in Time and Space" (Session 9d under theme Climate
Change and Bleaching) at the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium.
We are seeking presentations that deal with all aspects of coral and
coral reef refuges, with an emphasis on refuges to support biodiversity
over the next hundred years.


Session Abstract:

Coral species and reef ecosystems have experienced disturbance and
stress from natural and human-influenced drivers. Coral reefs persist
through such changes by resisting disturbance or surviving in refuges
that span space and time ranging from individual colonies and months, to
ocean basins and millennia.  These locations are buffered from the most
negative impacts of disturbance and stress through their unique
geological, physical, or biological circumstances or, possibly,
management intervention. They may also be sufficiently connected to
allow recovery when conditions become favorable outside the refuge.
However, modern, co-occuring threats such as land-based sources of
pollution, overfishing, warming and acidification may be shrinking
relevant refuges for corals and their potential to foster recovery. This
mini-symposium will examine what ecological, physical, and geological
evidence has been identified for coral and coral reef refuges, and will
focus on progress in defining refuges that can persist over the next
hundred years of ecosystem change.
Please go to www.icrs2012.com to submit your abstract and for submission
Call for abstracts is now open!
Mini-symposium conveners: Marilyn Brandt, Tyler Smith, and Bernhard





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