[Coral-List] GPS recommendations

freeds at pdx.edu freeds at pdx.edu
Thu Jul 7 10:14:31 EDT 2011

Dear listers,
Thank you to everyone who responded with recommendations; I will be  
trying out a few of the methods suggested. Below is a compilation of  
the recommendations for those of you who are interested:
GPS recommendations:
all Garmin - etrex (now replaced by etrexH), 60csx, 72, 76csx (now  
replaced by 78csx)
waterproof bags:
trident and aquapac
other recommendations:
-Float the GPS on the surface to something with a string to attach it  
to you while you snorkel. Suggestions included: a waterproof case  
(Pelican), on a boogie board, on a plastic garbage can lid that rests  
on a rubber tire inner tube, in a mayonnaise jar, in polypipe with a  
waterproof screw top lid, and for Garmin 76 only, SeaGuide has an  
housing for underwater use  
-If you have a digital camera and can sync the time on GPS and camera,  
then take a photo of the object or location of interest with the  
camera and find the coordinates on the GPS at that time once out of  
the water (for this method, the GPS was brought along in the  
mayonnaise jar).
-Protect the GPS in a ziploc bag and use clear grease or vaseline over  
cable connection points.

Sarah Freed

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