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Coralline algae will colonize the glass pretty quickly and coral larvae would then settle on the coralline. I have also had coral larvae from P. damicornis and brooders like Favia settle onto clean glass. The trick would be to prevent the bottles from getting buried. The other issue would be stability, I don't know how stable a pile of baskets filled with bottles would be.

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Dear Listers,

Does anybody have any information on coral larvae settlement on glass? I work for an environmental education organisation in Peninsular Malaysia and we work in conjunction with a beach resort that produces a large amount of waste wine bottles but has no means of recycling them. The suggestion is to sink the bottles in Gabion baskets on damaged areas of the reef in an effort to encourage new coral growth, however there is some suggestion that coral larvae will not settle on the glass. Do any listers have any experience of creating artificial reefs using old wine bottles?

Thanks and regards

Joe Marlow
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