[Coral-List] AGU session on ocean acidification

Joanie Kleypas kleypas at ucar.edu
Wed Jul 13 12:55:09 EDT 2011

To Coral Reef Researchers attending the AGU Fall Meeting in 2011

We would love to receive your abstracts for the following session:

OS13: Ocean Acidification: past events, present conditions and future 

Conveners: Richard Feely, Jean-Pierre Gattuso and Joanie Kleypas

Description: The absorption of anthropogenic CO2 by the oceans has 
caused changes in ocean chemistry including reduced pH and carbonate ion 
availability, collectively referred to as ocean acidification (OA). The 
goal of this session is to examine recent progress in OA research 
spanning information from historical events over centennial to 
millennial time scales, present-day observations of carbon system 
dynamics and resulting biological impacts, and predictions of future 
impacts on ecosystems. Papers on key gaps are encouraged, such as 1) 
natural variability of coastal carbon chemistry; 2) physiological 
responses of organisms; and 3) how individual species responses will 
manifest at the ecosystem scale.

Deadline for abstract submission: 4 August 2011.
Abstract submission: http://agu-fm11.abstractcentral.com/
AGU Fall meeting 2011: http://sites.agu.org/fallmeeting/

It is shaping up to be a great session, with some top speakers 
presenting some of their latest results (including the latest from both 
Chris Langdon and Ove Hoegh-Guldberg)

Joanie, Jean-Pierre, and Dick

Joanie Kleypas
Integrated Science Program / Climate&  Global Dynamics
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