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Cairns is a major tourism center, which caters to a wide range of groups, including backpackers.  There are a huge number of backpacker places, like maybe 100, and they are relatively inexpensive.  In some, you might be able to get a single or double room at a lower price than in hotels, might be worth checking.  They are all likely to have websites, as the clientele is quite international.  The Australian dollar is very strong right now, worth more than the US dollar, so be sure to check exchange rates if you are estimating costs.
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The Limits of Doubt-Mongering

Computer scientist goes on the offensive to defend climate scientists.  (some U.S. climate scientists receive death threats, at least one prominent denier caught in plagiarism, paper retracted.)

Australian scientists threatened in carbon tax row.  (death threats)

Change of attitude needed as debate overheats.

Harassment of US climate change scientists

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Dear List,

The hotels are not bargain either.

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