[Coral-List] Fwd: Regarding the registration fee for 12th ICRS

Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 16 19:56:42 EDT 2011

I usually expect a base of $300/day - 3d x $300 = $900-1000 for professional and industry conferences, no food, maybe electronic data base, no recordings of presentation, printed/online abstracts
But rather than commenting on this one - maybe we should encourage - Maybe they/we should do more webinars, online, phones, skype, online-videoetc.

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> Dear Colleagues
> Concern with the cost of the 12 ICRS and the comments some of you made about comparisons with other meetings, I decided to spend my morning searching for scientific meetings and their registrations fees. To my surprise the cost of 12 meetings I find is similar to that of the 11ICRS. As you can see in the linked file (http://docs.google.com/demo/edit?id=scAAZeJGvRp5N46zklUKTmV-A&hl=en&dt=spreadsheet#spreadsheet), only the EMBO meeting in Vienna comes close to the 12ICRS. I did not include what the meetings offered with the fee (i.e. meals, receptions) but still the fees are not THAT high. Some may argue these meeting are mostly in the US, however past/future meetings of these societies have also taken place in international locations..

> It would be nice to heard from the organizing committee the reasons for the HIGH fees and whether or not this was considered when selecting the
venue location. 

> Jorge
> On Jul 16, 2011, at 3:53 AM, k.jaya kumar wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I share the concern for the increased registration charges and accept the views 
>> of the Sarah Frias-Torres regarding the early bird registration. it would be 
>> tough time for reef researchers like us to participate 12th ICRS at Cairns. We 
>> felt littel bit comfortable with the registration fees and other arrangements 
>> during 11th ICRS at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
>> Dr. K. JayakumarAssistant Professor
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