[Coral-List] 12th ICRS registration fee (alternative meeting?)

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Sat Jul 16 23:45:11 EDT 2011

It is also worthwhile to consider that these conferences are in planning
for quite a while, and many of us are judging currency based on the US
Dollar, which presently is worth, roughly speaking, about 0.93 Australian
dollars.  In 2009 when they probably started planning this conference, one
US dollar was worth approximately 1.6 Australian, which effectively nearly
doubles the cost of attending the conference by no fault of the conference

I think one of the reasons that conferences like this move around a lot is
because of the travel expenses associated with it.  For example, Dr. Al
Horani cites that the conference was expensive and remote when it was in
the USA.  He and I think Australia is far away, but I'm sure the many
coral researchers from Australia do not feel that the location of the 12th
ICRS is remote... so it's wise that the conference moves around to
different areas of the world with coral related interests, and for what
its worth, I would fully support a location in the Middle East for a
future meeting.

> Dear All,
> I've been following with concern, the querries about the expensive costs
> for particpating in the12th ICRS . This in fact is a big issue for all
> interested reserachers, especially in the low income countries! Its not
> only the registration fees, but also the costs for tickets and
> accomodations. This was the same when it was held in the USA! in Japan as
> well!! all are expensive and remote countries!! So many students and
> reserachers could not attend because of the high expenses!!! For that, I
> was thinking to apply for the organizing commettee of the ICRS to host the
> 13th ICRS in Aqaba-Jordan, since Jordan is located in the middle of
> everywhere and the costs will difinitly be much lowers in all levels. This
> was originally a suggestion by some international researchers with the
> main goal of reducing the costs for participation in such important
> meeting. I agreed to start working for that, but after a second thought, I
> remembered that even if I did apply, only strong countries (lik
>  e the above mentioned countries) can win the organization! So, going back
> to the suggestion by some listers to organize another conference to allow
> as many as possible of the interested people to participate, I am
> thinking of having another similar conference in Aqaba. So, if there is
> enough support for the idea, I can start working on it?? what do you
> think?
>  Fuad
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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Re: 12th ICRS registration fee query (Sangeeta Mangubhai)
>    2. Regarding the registration fee for 12th ICRS (k.jaya kumar)
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> Message: 1
> Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 20:18:27 -0400
> From: "Sangeeta Mangubhai" <smangubhai at TNC.ORG>
> Subject: Re: [Coral-List] 12th ICRS registration fee query
> To: "Fernando A. Zapata" <fernando.zapata at correounivalle.edu.co>,
>         "Paul Jones" <littlepaul77 at hotmail.com>
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> Dear Paul and fellow colleagues,
> If what you write is correct, I feel quite alarmed at how much the cost of
> ICRS has soared. Anyone who has to add on an international flight is now
> looking at a $2-4000 investment to attend ICRS, depending on how far they
> are coming from. From Indonesia, we were hoping to send a number of our
> local staff to attend this important conference and present on some of the
> innovative work they are doing - but with such high costs, there is no way
> we can afford to send staff, without some sort of supporting grant. Or we
> are going to have reduce the number of people we can send.
> I too would be interested in learning why it has become so costly? How do
> costs for ICRS compare to other international conferences?
> I would rather we go back to having more simpler conferences, with less
> frills, if it means more people can afford to attend, especially
> up-and-coming young scientists on shoe-strong budgets, and those of us
> from poorer countries. Science conferences should not be for the rich!
> Regards Sangeeta
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> Subject: Re: [Coral-List] 12th ICRS registration fee query
> Dear Paul and colleagues,
> Bad news indeed. If those of you in affluent countries feel disheartened
> by
> the costs of registration to the 12th ICRS, imagine how we, in less
> fortunate countries, feel. Hopeless, to say the least.
> Fernando
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> 2011/7/12 Paul Jones <littlepaul77 at hotmail.com>
>> Dear listers,
>> I received a brochure today for the 12th International
>> Coral Reef Symposium, to be held in Cairns, Australia in July 2012.  I
>> am
>> saddened to say that while my enthusiasm
>> for attending the event remains high, my probability of participation
>> took
>> a
>> bit of a nose dive once I saw the registration fees.
>> Four years ago, in Fort Lauderdale, the early bird registration
>> fees were:
>> Member/Non-member  - $495 / $545
>> Student member/non-member - $275 / $295
>> For the 12th ICRS, the early bird fees are (converted
>> to US$ for correct comparison):
>> Member/Non-member
>> -  $995 / $1050
>> Student  -  $700
>> At a time when funding is tight and grants are scarce, I am
>> a little disheartened to see that the registration fees have doubled
>> (and
>> almost
>> tripled for students). Obviously I have never been involved in
>> organizing
>> an
>> event such as this, but does anyone have any information as to why the
>> fee
>> is
>> so high this time?
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> Message: 2
> Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 14:23:30 +0530 (IST)
> From: "k.jaya kumar" <kjkkumar at yahoo.com>
> Subject: [Coral-List] Regarding the registration fee for 12th ICRS
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> Dear all,
> I share the concern for the increased registration charges and accept the
> views
> of the Sarah Frias-Torres regarding the early bird registration. it would
> be
> tough time for reef researchers like us to participate 12th ICRS at
> Cairns. We
> felt littel bit comfortable with the registration fees and other
> arrangements
> during 11th ICRS at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
> Dr. K. JayakumarAssistant Professor
> Department of Animal Behavior & Physiology
> School of Biological Sciences
> Madurai Kamaraj University
> Madurai-625021
> India
> Phone: 09865819728
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