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Just want to add that these costs are not just a lot for scientists from
less wealthy countries, 900+ dollars is also very expensive for a post-doc
from the University of Amsterdam. Where exactly does the doubling of the
costs come from?

2011/7/17 Abigail Moore <abigail2105 at yahoo.com>

> Dear fellow listers
> I have been following the thread on the 12th ICRS costs. It is with deep
> sadness that I and my friends/colleagues are now resigned to almost
> certainly not being able to attend. If a big international NGO like TNC in
> Indonesia can't afford it, no way can small NGOs and researchers from
> provincial institutions. Can you imagine asking for more than a years wages
> to go to a less than 1 week conference?
> So many of us were really hoping that with this venue so close by it would
> be a chance to attend this prestigious event, and indeed with all the recent
> information we had been eagerly thinking about which seminars we ought to
> send abstracts to and/or plan to attend. Airfares to Cairns from Indonesia
> (even form the provinces) would be likely to be much less than the
> registration fees mentioned, and indeed as one person mentionned I also know
> there are many hostels for those willing to live simply during the
> conference.
> However with the news re registration costs, and especially in view of the
> current value of the Australian Dollar, all hope seems to be firmly quashed.
> Maybe we will just have to hope the on-line coverage is good and wait for
> the next Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (hopefully in 2014?)...
> Anyway, I hope those of you lucky enough to get funds from somewhere will
> not just have a great time in beautiful Queensland but achieve something
> worthwhile for our reefs in peril across the globe, and find ways to share
> your knowledge and experience with the rest of us who also spend much of our
> lives working to know them better and/or to save them.
> Yours in hope
> Abigail
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